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  • Break-Thru Laundry Softener 10lt/20lt
    Break-Thru Laundry Softener 10lt/20lt Encapsulated Softener Trichem Break Thru Encapsulated Softener is specially formulated to ensure long lasting fragrance, even after tumble drying. Designed using natural based oils (rather than manufactured perfumes), our softener is made with care and tho..
  • Break-Thru Laundry Detergent 10lt/20lt
    Break-Thru Laundry Detergent 10lt/20lt Trichem Break Thru Detergent is a specially formulated, biological detergent which is environmentally safe. Designed specifically with the Care and Hospitality Industies in mind, this hard-working detergent has a built in stain-digesting system which works h..
  • Result - Complete Laundry Detergent 10lt/20lt
    Result - Complete Laundry Detergent 10lt/20lt A heavy duty laundry liquid detergent with a pleasant perfume and built in unique emulsifiers allowing quality results on all greases and fats including heavy soiling. Use with Trichem dispensing equipment for a metered amount, which eliminates was..
  • Fabric Conditioner Plus 10lt/20lt
    Fabric Conditioner Plus 10lt/20lt This product is added to the final rinse cycle to give a pleasant residul smell leaving a soft feel to the fabric. It eliminates static and can be used on most materials through either Trichem dispensing equipment or by manual application. This product can be ..
  • Red Soluble strip laundry bag x 200
    Red Soluble strip laundry bag x 200..