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  • Break-Thru Destaining Powder 10kg
    Break-Thru Destaining Powder 10kg Laundry De-Staining powder for removing stains form most fabrics. Can be used in a washing machine or as a pre soak for difficult and stubborn stains. Effective between 30 and 90°C. Available in 10kg buckets. ..
  • Break-Thru Ultra Sanitiser/Destainer 10lt
    Break-Thru Ultra Sanitiser/Destainer 10lt Destainer/Sanitiser Options Trichem supply a range of destaining options, designed to suit every situation and environment. From temeratures as low as 30 degrees, Trichem can provide the support and the flexibility you need. It has been specifically de..
  • Peroxy Plus Laundry Destainer 10lt/20lt
    Peroxy Plus Laundry Destainer 10lt/20lt Additive for white wash aiding whiteness & brightness. At the correct dosage BreakThru Peroxy destainer helps to achieve the removal of stubborn stains without attacking fabrics. For optimum results use LD3 in conjunction with other Trichem Laundry Prod..