Trichem Eco 1 Washroom Hand Dryer

Trichem Eco 1 Washroom Hand Dryer

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This automatic dryer is one of the most energy efficient, cost effective dryers on the market. 

Available in 3 finishes - polished stainless steel, satin finish stainless steel and white enamelled finish, this dryer has an adjustable power setting, Led indication and Blue guidance light and it comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Noise concerns with high performance hand dryers can be an issue depending on where the hand dryer is sited, but the Eco 1 allows the user to reduce noise output by a simple external adjustment.

Drying time is 10-12 seconds and the average running cost is £19.00 per annum.

Dimensions are:  Height 277mm, Width 201mm, Depth 175mm.